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Reaching Out to the Community

The clinicians from Scoliosis Rehab Inc. in Paradise Valley, Arizona were recently invited to meet with school nurses and physical therapists from the Paradise Valley School District.  A presentation on treating scoliosis and kyphosis patients with the Schroth method was met with genuine interest and enthusiasm.

Elizabeth Garrett, DPT, was asked to provide the school nurses with screening tools they could use during each studentâ??s annual assessment. Discussion of the scoliometer and useful visual cues led to an informative dialogue.  Elizabeth has been practicing physical therapy for over 30 years and, in 2009, was trained and certified in the non-surgical Schroth-based method for the treatment of scoliosis and kyphosis.

The audience was fascinated with Burwellâ??s theory for scoliosis development and S. Otmanâ??s (2005) study on the positive outcome of patients practicing the Schroth method for their scoliosis. Elizabeth shared several remarkable case studies from Scoliosis Rehab patients including the exercises they learn.  The group was impressed with the very thorough patient evaluation, including study of the x-rays, classification of the curve pattern, individual exercise design, and comprehensive education.

The nurses and physical therapists actively participated in the follow-up Q&A session.  They were most appreciative to learn there is now a clinic in the Phoenix area that specializes in the conservative treatment of scoliosis/kyphosis and welcomes patients of all ages.

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